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We understand that choosing the right vet for your pet can be a daunting task, and we’re here to help. Our reviews are written by pet owners just like you, and they offer an insider’s perspective on what it’s like to entrust your furry friend to a particular clinic. If you would like, you can also submit your own reviews using the button below!

I took my baby here when she ate a tulip and we saw someone in an hour! They couldn’t guarantee when we would be seen but they were honest and upfront about that so I was able to reschedule a work meeting in the afternoon hours ahead of time.

I felt more cared for than at my usual vet and no one tried to upsell me products like some vets do. They seem like they genuinely care about animals and let me know how I can care for my pet without giving me some brand name thing.

The cost is very high but I expected that for an emergency room.

Pictures of my baby before and after the visit, she was so sick and then felt better immediately!

Alice Y.

My cat was in and out of VERG for nearly two weeks as my cat became increasingly ill and the doctors worked to diagnose his condition. My cat was treated with extreme care and love and it eased the fears and concerns I had about his health during such a hard time. I was certainly jarred when euthanasia was brought up as the suggested approach to his care at one point, but I may have been in the unusual position of wanting to give my little cat a shot no matter what the cost. My sense is that they balance this recommendation with cost in mind as well as the pet’s prognosis and quality of life. I really appreciated the ability to visit my cat while he was recovering from his surgery and the sweetness of the staff.


My dog Suey been broke her arm by accident,and they helped Suey healed and back to normal life, Thanks VERG did the best to save Suey.

K Wong.

My cat ingested a cleaning solution. They received her as soon as we arrived. The Staff was kind, responsive and quick to provide immediate service. As you can see, she was not so happy, but now she is home sitting on her throne.
So thankful.

Jane A.

It’s difficult to write a good review for an emergency vet because, well, the circumstances you find yourself visiting in the first place can be extremely tough (and expensive!). But I had to post a 5-star review here because our recent visit was, albeit absolutely tragic (RIP Mama), the best possible care she could have received.
The staff’s communication, compassion and overall care was absolutely top-notch. Most everyone who cared for Mama during her 2-day stay at VERG hand-wrote a beautiful note to us on a card that was incredibly touching.
Thank you to everyone at VERG for showing Mama the love and support she needed before leaving us.

Spencer S.

I cannot say enough about the extraordinary vets and staff at VERG. They attended to our older dog with such tenderness and dignity and shepherded us through the most difficult decision a family can make when it was time to give our beloved family member a peaceful transition. We were treated with such empathy and solicitude. This is an extraordinary veterinary service and they treat and attend to so many beloved family pets under the most trying of circumstances. The Brooklyn community is very fortunate to have a 7 day a week, 24 hour service like this. Show some gratitude and respect for these heroes at VERG!

Norma D.