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VERG Brooklyn FAQs

Please see below for a list of FAQs from you, answered by our veterinary team.


General FAQs

Can I walk in for an emergency visit if my pet is experiencing an emergency?

Yes, you can walk in at any time to have your pet examined by an emergency veterinarian. 


How long will I have to wait to have my pet examined through emergency services? 

Wait times can vary depending on the nature of the emergencies that present at any given time. Critical and urgent patients will be seen sooner than stable patients.


What constitutes a critical or urgent triage?

  • Respiratory distress
  • Purple, lavender, or gray tongue
  • Breathing with effort in the abdomen
  • Open-mouth breathing cats
  • Excessive Bleeding 
  • Non-responsive, limp
  • Cannot stand upright- lateral and collapse
  • Hit by a car or bike
  • Falls from a substantial elevation such as a window, balcony, roof, or down steps.
  • Suspect urinary obstruction, patient is not urinating
  • Seizures
  • Distended abdomen


What should I expect from the emergency service?

Just like in a human hospital, we triage emergency cases—meaning the most critical patients are seen first. We do not take appointments, and pets may not be seen on a first-come, first-served basis. We do our best to keep wait times to a minimum, but if another pet requires our immediate attention and your pet is stable, we may have to ask you to be patient. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding. Our nurses will obtain vitals on your pet shortly after you arrive.


Am I allowed to wait with my pet while we wait for the doctor to examine them?

All stable patients will remain with their owners until the doctor is ready to perform the examination. 


Can I make an appointment?

We accept appointments for specialty consultations. We cannot accept appointments for emergency visits because the most critical patients need to be seen first.

My primary or referring veterinarian has referred me to VERG’s emergency service. Is there a charge for the emergency examination?

If you have paid for an examination at your referring veterinarian and they have referred you to our emergency service, the emergency examination is waived if you come through the ER the same day. This only applies to the emergency service examination fee.  Proof of paid receipt from your referring veterinarian may be required. This does not apply to specialty consultation fees.


If my pet needs to visit the emergency service within 24 hours of their initial emergency examination, do I have to pay for an emergency examination again?

If you have paid for your emergency examination and you return through the emergency service within 24 hours, we waive the emergency examination fee. 


Can I get my pet spayed/neutered at VERG? Regular check-ups and vaccines? 

The Surgery Department at VERG does laparoscopic (minimally invasive) spays as well as spays and neuters for high-risk breeds or patients requiring more advanced anesthesia. We typically recommend routine sprays or neuters to be done with your family veterinarian. Since VERG is an emergency and specialty hospital, we do not have routine wellness checkups or vaccine appointments. Please establish a relationship with a primary care veterinary practice, and they will be able to assist you with these.


Will I be able to speak with the doctor face to face? 

Our Veterinarians have resumed in-person appointments. Once your pet has been assessed and treated, you will be escorted to an exam room where our veterinarians will discuss with you any treatment performed and the plan of action.


How can I send updated records from my primary vet to your office?

Please have your primary veterinary office email records to records@verg-brooklyn.com.


Will my primary vet receive a summary of my pet’s visit with your doctor(s)?

Please print clearly on your registration form the name of your primary veterinary office. This will be entered into your pet’s chart so that your primary veterinary office is notified when you check in for a visit and at discharge with your pet’s discharge letter. Your primary veterinary office will have access to your pet’s laboratory and imaging results via this portal. 

If you have changed primary veterinary facilities, please be sure to update our front desk upon arrival.


Do you provide euthanasia and cremation services at any time of the day or night?

Yes, we are here for you and your pet during this very difficult time. You can come in at any time and notify our front desk staff that you wish to put your pet to sleep. 


Can I be present with my pet during euthanasia?

Yes, you will be given the option when you come in if you would like to be present. 

How much does cremation cost? 

Cremation prices vary depending on your pet’s weight and whether you wish to have your pet’s ashes returned to you. 

Surgery FAQs

What does a surgery consultation include?

A surgical consultation fee includes the initial appointment, physical exam, and a prepared estimate for a future procedure. If any bloodwork or imaging is needed, these will be discussed by the surgeon and be an additional cost.


How do I schedule surgery?

You can email the Surgery Team at surgerydept@verg-brooklyn.com, or you can call us here at VERG to schedule a surgery.


My pet just had surgery; how do I make my two-week recheck appointment? How much does it cost?

Your pet’s recheck appointment will need to be scheduled 10-14 days after the date of their surgery. You will need to either call or email us to schedule this appointment. You can schedule this with the front desk when your pet is discharged by emailing us at surgerydept@verg-brooklyn.com or by calling VERG. We waive the first post-op recheck examination fee. 


How many recheck appointments will my pet need after the surgery?

Your pet should be seen by the surgeon two weeks after its surgery. If you are unable to get an appointment exactly at the two-week mark- this is fine- as long as your pet is doing well and there are no concerns.

First post-op Recheck Examination: This appointment is to assess your pet post-surgery and to help answer any questions you may have. Depending on how they are healing, they may get clearance to remove the cone. Your veterinarian will also likely decrease some of their activity restrictions. This examination is waived.

8 Week to 10 Week Recheck Examination: This will be an overall wellness check-up on your pet. Please schedule these 8-10 weeks after your pet’s procedure. If your pet had orthopedic surgery (TPLO/TTA/MPL repair), then x-rays will also be taken to confirm complete healing.  Unless otherwise specified, most x-ray rechecks will incur a fee. Please be sure to fast your pet before this appointment.    After your 8-10 week recheck, your pet should be able to gradually return to regular activity. However, please continue to monitor your pet in case of any complications.  


Can I leave my pet’s favorite stuffed toy or a blanket with them on the day of the surgery? Do I need to bring them food?

While you are welcome to bring your pet’s specific diet in, we do not recommend bringing personal belongings.  VERG is not responsible for any items left with patients during their hospital stay. We have plenty of blankets and towels for your pet to snuggle with during their stay, and we change their bedding often. If your pet has any specific food allergies, please let us know when you drop them off.


Will I be able to visit them once they have the surgery?

Unfortunately, you will not be able to visit your pet the night/day of their surgery, as we want them to remain as calm and relaxed as possible while they are here. Even a quick visit can make them incredibly excited and become stressed. We know that it’s hard having them away from home, even for a night- so we are happy to email you a picture of them while they are here.


My pet accidentally ate breakfast, but we were told to fast them; can we still bring them in?

While we do prefer pets to have fasted for surgical procedures or imaging procedures- sometimes mistakes happen. If your pet eats breakfast the day of the procedure, still bring them in on their scheduled day and tell the technician when you drop them off. It is also helpful if you tell us when they last ate.


When will my pet’s surgery occur? When will the doctor call me?

We take care of any bloodwork and x-rays in the morning, and most surgical procedures will happen in the early to late afternoon. You will get a call from us as soon as the procedure is completed. Please note that VERG is both an emergency and a specialty hospital. As a result, sometimes scheduled surgery cases may be moved to later in the day to accommodate patients in need of emergency surgery.  If this should happen, we will contact you with an update as soon as we have new information. If we cannot reach you, we will leave a voicemail message.


My pet had a consultation more than six months ago, and I am finally ready to schedule surgery. Do I need to make a new consultation?

If your pet had a consultation more than six months ago- you would need to schedule a recheck appointment before we can proceed with any surgical procedure to ensure that nothing has changed since the last time we saw them.

MRI & CT Imaging FAQs

My pet’s referring vet recommended a CT scan/ MRI for my pet. How do I schedule this?

Please call VERG to schedule any imaging procedures. MRIs need to be scheduled through the surgery department. CT scans need to be scheduled through the specialty departments.


What do I need to know before the scan?

Please fast your pet the night before the procedure; no food, water is always ok. Should your pet be diabetic, please be sure to notify your doctor, and they will make special arrangements specific to your pet.


Will my pet go home on the same day as the scan?

Unless something on the scan reveals an immediate surgical or neurological need- your pet will go home the same day. Once the scan is complete, we will keep your pet under observation for a few hours while they recover from anesthesia. You will receive a call from either the doctor or a technician to schedule a pick-up time. 


How will my pet react after the anesthesia?

It is common for animals who have had general anesthesia to have a mild cough for several days afterward. Do not be concerned unless the cough is persistent or is accompanied by other clinical signs such as loss of appetite, lethargy, or rapid breathing. It is common for patients to be lethargic and tired following general anesthesia.  Patients are usually acting back to normal by the following morning. If you notice any non-productive coughing or retching at home, please call immediately.


How long does it take to get a radiology report back?

Most radiology reports take 1-2 business days with results. We will call you to review the results as soon as they arrive and will also send a copy to your regular veterinarian.