Pain is Manageable

As September marks Animal Pain Awareness Month, we are excited to share how VERG is taking pain management to the next level. We believe that by working together, we can provide the best possible care for our patients, and we want to take this opportunity to highlight our specialized veterinary anesthesia and pain management services.

At VERG Brooklyn, we understand that effective pain management is a critical aspect of veterinary care. As trusted partners in animal wellness, we want to ensure that your patients receive the highest level of comfort and safety during surgical procedures and other medical interventions. Here are some key points to know about our veterinary anesthesia services:

1. Expertise and Experience: Our anesthesia team, led by Benjamin Gingold, BVSc, DACVAA, is composed of highly skilled and experienced professionals who are dedicated to ensuring the safety and well-being of our patients. They tailor individualized anesthetic plans for each patient, considering their unique needs and medical histories.

2. Latest Techniques: We are excited to share that VERG has incorporated the latest and most advanced local nerve block techniques as part of our surgery protocols. These cutting-edge techniques serve two primary goals: minimizing perioperative pain and expediting the recovery process for our patients.

Through these innovative nerve-blocking methods, we can significantly reduce post-surgical pain following both orthopedic and soft tissue surgeries, ensuring a more comfortable and stress-free experience during the critical post-operative period. This not only enhances their well-being but also supports a quicker and smoother recovery journey.

3. State-of-the-Art Equipment: We have invested in state-of-the-art anesthesia equipment and monitoring technology to provide the highest level of precision and safety during procedures. Our commitment to staying at the forefront of veterinary medicine means that your patients benefit from the latest advancements in anesthesia care.

We have recently implemented the cutting-edge WATO-EX35VET anesthesia system, further elevating the level of care and safety for our patients. The WATO-EX35VET is a state-of-the-art anesthesia system designed exclusively for veterinary use, extrapolated from the WATO-EX-35 used in human medicine. This advanced technology allows us to precisely implement anesthetic protocols to meet the unique needs of each patient, ensuring their comfort and safety during medical procedures.

4. Interventional Pain Management: We now offer interventional pain management procedures for patients with chronic pain. For suitable candidates, this includes techniques such as perineural steroid injections and neuroablation. Common uses include patients with end-stage degenerative joint disease (DJD) of elbows and stifles, as well as lateralized non-surgical compressive intervertebral discs.

5. Comprehensive Pain Management: We understand that managing pain extends beyond the operating room. Our approach includes pre-surgical evaluations, advanced pain management techniques, and personalized post-operative care plans. We work closely with you to ensure a seamless continuum of care for our mutual patients.

6. 24/7 Emergency Availability: Emergencies can happen at any time. We are proud to offer 24/7 emergency anesthesia services to accommodate urgent cases and provide support when you need it most.

7. Educational Resources: We are here to support your practice with educational resources on anesthesia and pain management. Please join us for our upcoming continuing education event:

Enhanced Recovery After Surgery

Benjamin Gingold, BVSc, DACVAA & Matthew Morgan, DVM, DACVS-SA

Date: November 1st, 2023

Time: 7:00pm-10:00pm

Location: Black Oak on Fifth

In honor of Animal Pain Awareness Month, we invite you to partner with us in promoting pain management and anesthesia awareness among your clients. Together, we can ensure that every pet receives the pain-free care they deserve.

If you have a patient in need of our anesthesia services or if you would like to discuss a potential referral, please contact our team. Thank you for entrusting us with the care of your patients. We look forward to continuing our partnership in delivering the highest standard of veterinary care.